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Wild Skins – Liquid Gold

Jo Ahearne – Master of Wine

Usually, when we use the phrase liquid gold, we associate it with olive oil. That beautiful, tasteful liquid without which Croats cannot survive.

But, this is not a story about olive oil. It is, indeed, story, of another beautiful liquid produced in Croatia, to be more precise, in Hvar; white wine.

Photo courtesy Jo Ahearne

Londoner, Jo Ahearne, is Master of Wine who has worked with iconic wineries and retail environments around the globe.

The Master of Wine qualification is notoriously difficult – only 396 people have the right to use the lauded letters M and W after their name. 

Island Hvar – sunniest Croatian island

Jo fell in love with Croatia, especially island Hvar, saying that she saw the most beautiful sunset ever there.

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Many say that island Hvar is the most beautiful island in Croatia, even though we would say, it is a difficult choice among all other, but the fact is, we understand why Jo loves it.

Besides beautiful bays, beaches, architecture of small towns and friendly people, Hvar is especially attractive to winemakers. Different soils, positions and altitude of the vineyards gives one a thousand ways to express what you want in wines.

Ahearne now makes her own wine; Ahearne Vino. Jo produces four wines – a rosé, Rosina, two whites (Pošip and a maceration wine, Wild Skins) and a barrique-aged Plavac Mali South Side. 

Something different – Wild Skins

Wild Skins’ is a blend of three varieties found on the island of Hvar – Kuč, Bogdanuša and Pošip. The Bogdanuša (‘gift from God’) and Kuč vineyards are on the cooler northern part of Hvar on the Unesco-protected Ager plain which was first cultivated by the Greeks. The Pošip is planted on the southern side just outside of the town of Hvar itself.

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We tasted White Skins at restaurant Štorija in Split and we were very much surprised with the intensity of flavors.

‘Wild Skins’ shows the structure of a macerated wine sitting alongside pure quince fruit and honey flavors with a note of the wild herbs of the island. 

It is definitely something different and something you wouldn’t expect from a dalmatian wine, but, we fell in love with it. We are sure you will too.

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