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Yacht Charter Market Trends


Planning season 2021, we did a short market re-search with our longterm partners (yacht charter agencies) from Europe. We believe they have the best knowledge about yacht charter market trends.

Our main question was related to boat sizes and brands.

We are, afterall, a yacht charter management company, offering yacht investment opportunities. For season 2021 we are planning to buy 5-10 new boats and offer them to new yacht owners so, good market re-search about popularity of certain models is important to us.

Based on boat size, the medium segment is leading the yacht charter market. Sailboats from 38f to 49ft and catamarans from 40ft to 45ft are most popular size for yacht charter.


For many clients, specific part of choosing the right yacht for charter is equipment. A partner from Poland told us that:

” Boats should have convertible tables into the a double bed – this is very important for many clients.”

Petra, from Aquadino s.r.o. agency from Czech Republic told us, that, season 2019 was ‘grill season’.

I must say this season I named GRILL SEASON – from cca 50 bookings what I have after NY cca 70% asked grill on board so we booked Dufour yachts.”

Copyright – Dufour Yachts

Russell, from Latesail agency from UK and USA told us that Americans prefer catamarans, and British are more keen to book a sailboat. In terms of models and brands he said:

” I am generally a little biased by the yacht I have sailed but Lagoons/FP for catamarans and Jeanneau/Dufour for monohulls.”

Jeanneau is offering 11 sailboat models, from 9 to 20 metres (31 to 64 ft) and are adapted to suit racers and cruisers.

Sun Odyssey 519 – Ciao Bao

Partner agency from Germany gave us their input regarding trends of boat models in yacht charter business:

We often book  Bavaria boats (Bav 37, Bav46, Bav 51) and Beneteau (OC41, OC48, OC51.1.) Jeanneau (Sun Odyssey 419, So490, J53, etc). — mostly with furling genua.We do have many clients who say they don’t want a self tacking jib,thats why Hanse it not that often booked by our clients. Lagoon catamarans are also really popular (Lagoon 380-Lagoon 450).”

After a crisis that hit Bavaria yacht producer, they recovered extremly well, still being one of the most popular brand for yacht charter clients.

Bavaria Cruiser 51 – Vickan

From what we could see, Bavaria Yachts, Jeanneau (Sun Odyssey), Dufour and Beneteau Oceanis models are on top of the market as most popular sailboat models. Lagoon is leading the catamaran market.


Transparency Market Research report is showing that Europe held a notable share of the global yacht charter market, owing to the high demand from areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. The yacht charter market in Europe has been expanding, owing to the high preference for nautical tourism in the region. Croatia and Greece, together, held a major share of the yacht charter market in Europe, due to scenic coastlines and rise in nautical tourism in these countries.

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