Island Brač Bays

Tourism on Brac started in 1923 in Bol. Bol has, with Dubrovnik, and Opatija, one of the longest tourism history in Croatia. And along with few other destinations, like Rovinj, Split, Plitvice, Hvar, Korcula and Dubrovnik, Bol remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia (Don’t tell me you’ve thought it was the off the beaten path destination).
The most famous beach, not only on the Brac island, but in all Croatia, is Zlatni Rat beach located in Bol. Other popular beaches on the island inlcudes: sandy beach Lovrecine, then Paklina on the east end of Bol, Murvica, and Vela Farska west of Bol, Ticja luka and Ratac in Povlja, Lucice and Osibova Bay near Milna.

U. Lucice

43°18.59′N, 16°26.79′E

U. Lucice is a multi-branched inlet a mile due S of the harbour of Milna (although a trip of some five miles round the headland separating it). The best shelter is in the westernmost branch of the inlet, where there is a restaurant and several mooring buoys for visiting yachts. Alternatively anchor with a line ashore in this or the next branch to the E. Depths are 10-12 metres and the holding is good in sand and weed. The anchorage becomes uncomfortable with fresh to strong S winds.

U. Rasotica

43°18.44′N, 16°53.24′E

U. Rasotica lies at the extreme E tip of the island and consists of a narrow cleft that offers good shelter from all directions in the tiny cove at its head. Anchor in 5.0 – 6.0 metres and take a line ashore to one of the stone bollards around the cove. Holding is moderate in sand and weed. No facilities ashore.

U. Studena

43°16.33′N, 16°50.54′E

The anchorage of U. Studena is situated at the SE end of the island, a mile or so SW of the port of Sumartin. It offers good shelter in all but S winds. Anchor at the head of the inlet in 6.0 – 8.0 metres, preferably with a line ashore. Holding is good in sand and weed.

U. Luka

43°20.48′N, 16°48.04′E

U. Luka is the westernmost part of a multi-branched inlet at the NE end of the island, in the easternmost part of which is the harbour of Povlja. U. Luka reaches inland for almost a mile and is perfectly sheltered at its head. Anchor in one of the three coves at the head in 4.0 – 6.0 metres and take a line ashore if preferred. The holding is good in sand. There is a restaurant on the S side of the westernmost cove with its own quay and laid moorings in 4.0 metres. Obviously if you moor here you are expected to eat in the restaurant.

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