Can investing in yacht charter be profitable?

1. Buying a boat for charter

You would like to own a boat and use it, but you are not sure you can finance it or maintain it? Yacht charter management can be a right choice for you.

Either you are a yacht person all your life or you have no idea where to start, which boat to buy or how it all works, Nereus team will gladly answer your questions.

2. Yacht Charter Business Model

Nereus offers one of the simplest and most effective yacht charter management agreements on the market. Your yacht is placed within our online wholesale marketplace and accessible by our growing network of agents and direct client.

Two contracts, one service.

Maintain full control over the yacht’s books.

Your yacht is maintained and ready for charter, under the maintenance agreement, while the charter income is shared with you based on the exact performance of your yacht.

How it works?
See here: YACHT INVESTMENT or e-mail us for free consulting.

Send us your boat specifications and we will prepare a free evaluation of annual costs and yacht revenue potential.