Peace. Calmness. Stillness. Wind. Freedom. Nature. Adventure. Memories. Adrenaline. Salt. ‘Fjaka’

And the list continues. So many emotions, experiences which are related to the sea and the boats. It is not just a job for us. It is not just a vacation for you. It is so much more. There are essentials on which we, as company, will never compromise or stop improving.

They form a core part of our values.

That is passion for work and good working atmosphere. Your sales, after sales and technical support teams will welcome you with genuine smile. Listening to client’s feedback’s is very important to us, to ensure better service, more suitable boats with more benefits which will lead you to relaxed holiday and ensure peace of mind.

Peace of mind? YES, it is possible. With our knowledge, dedication, experiences and your TRUST.

“What a lovely surprise. Thank you so much to you and Sail Croatia for the wine and looking after us so well for the last 8 years.

Jon Millward, UK


‘Fjaka’ (pronounced “fyaka”) is a way of life in Dalmatia and is something that cannot be learned, rather you fall into the mode of fjaka naturally while in Dalmatia. According to some Dalmatians, the definition of fjaka is “a psychophysical state of mind when there is an aspiration for nothing and to do nothing.

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